The Big Outdoor Bloggers Clean Up

The Big Outdoor Bloggers Clean Up

January can be a tough month. It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s grey and often muddy. Motivating yourself to get outside can be hard. I often find that it helps to have a project or something worthwhile to aim for at this time of year. Through the brilliant Outdoor Bloggers group that I belong to, I found out about the amazing Meek family and their ‘Clear Plastic Bottles’ campaign.  In order to help the family in their aim to remove 100,000 plastic bottles, cups, lids and straws from the environment, the The Big Outdoor Bloggers Clean Up was born.

A path with fields on one side and hedge on the other stretches into the distance. Over the top is written 'The Big Bloggers Cleanup"

Join the Outdoor Bloggers this month and hold your own clean up

The beauty of this nationwide litter pick is that you can do it whenever and wherever you want. The Outdoor Bloggers are going to do it between 20th and 27th January, but there’s no reason why you can’t do it at any time.  Just head out for at least an hour and pick up all the plastic rubbish that you come across. Then take a photo of your haul and tweet @ClearPlastic_UK using the hashtag #Refuse4Good to be added to the hall of fame.

I shall be doing it, probably with the help(!) of Finn, next week and will post an update. Why not involve your family, friends and neighbours and see what you can achieve.

Let me know how you all get on!





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