What Type of Camper Are You?

What Type of Camper Are You?

Camping is great for people watching. Over the last few years I’ve noticed several different types of camper, so thought I’d write about some of my favourites. Do you recognise yourself here?!

The Instagram Camper

I first came into contact with the fabled ‘Instagram Camper’ when we were in the Cotswolds a couple of years ago. Easily spotted by the male’s full beard and hat at a jaunty angle, the females tend to be splendidly decked out head to toe in Joules. A guitar will often feature. Typical behaviour involves turning up late in the afternoon, pitching a (bell) tent and then leaving early the next day. All the while taking pics furiously on their iPhones as they show the world how much fun they’re having.

The Glam Camper

I always seem to bump into the ‘Glam Camper’ while queuing for the loos in my PJs. My beauty routine is sparse at the best of times, but when camping it mainly involves a wet wipe wash and dry shampoo. The Glam Camper however, somehow manages to look like they’ve just stepped out of a salon. Their usual habitat is right in front of the (only) mirror and electrical socket in the shower block, while you slink away pulling twigs out of your hair.

What Type of camper are you-

The Prepared For Every Eventuality Camper

This bunch are noticeable for their extraordinary amount of kit. Their overloaded, and expertly packed, family car will almost certainly have the biggest possible roof box, a cycle rack, and in the most extreme cases, a trailer. They will proceed to equip their tent with more furniture than the average two bed semi, while you (having yet again forgotten the mallet) knock tent pegs in with your shoe and use your coolbox as a table.

The Reluctant Camper

It’ll be fun, they said. It won’t rain, it won’t be cold and you’ll definitely sleep well, they said. The ‘Reluctant Camper’ is easily identifiable by their frown and multiple layers of clothing. As they struggle to grasp the concept of a ‘holiday’ that is harder work than being at home, you smugly pity their lack of appreciation for camping. They, meanwhile, will put the tent on ebay as soon as they get home to make sure the experience is never repeated.

Have you meant any of these campers before? Which campsite characters are your favourites?




  • Joanna @mumbalance Joanna @mumbalance June 17, at 10:36

    I must say that I haven’t come across the Instagram camper yet. Sounds like an interesting species to observe 🙂
    I think I am like you, after years of camping we still don’t have a table and chairs. We always manage to find a suitable tree stump or log to sit on

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker June 17, at 22:22

      The Instagram camper is my favourite. In fact it was observing one that gave me the idea for this post! We’re a bit more laidback-and a bit less picturesque in our approach 🙂

  • afamilydayout afamilydayout June 17, at 21:10

    I think we’re the ‘Forgotten something camper’ based on recent trips! We forgot to bring our stove when we went to Scotland a while back, we both blamed each other. I do see a lot of ‘Prepared for every eventuality’ campers though!

  • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker June 19, at 20:31

    I know the feeling! We once managed to forget the kettle-very unbritish of us!

  • Lindsay Lindsay June 30, at 09:19

    We are definitely the (over) prepared campers, my husband has a penchant for talking things like a petrol generator and solar panels. The last few trips we been on have been done with a (never used) full size Canadian canoe strapped to the roof of the van. Nothing says camping like two tons of firewood in your trailer…

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker July 02, at 13:05

      Taking a canoe is pretty impressive! So you don’t travel light then?! Hopefully you’ll get to use it one day!

  • wejockmcpooplop wejockmcpooplop November 18, at 10:26

    You’re missing one type; which type are you?


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