From My Front Door

From My Front Door

This month’s theme from ‘Outdoor Bloggers’ is a topic that is very close to my heart. I firmly believe that the outdoors should be accessible for everyone, regardless of where you live. I’ve mentioned this before when exploring my local town and finding new places to visit. But this post is focusing even closer to home. This time I am looking just a mile from my front door. At first glance that might seem difficult, especially when your street looks like this:

a normal, urban street in Northampton

My beautiful street!

Ok, so it’s not the most scenic. Sorry if I’ve shattered any illusions. I’m sure that you all thought that as an outdoor blogger I must live in a  treehouse or in a shepherd’s hut halfway up a mountain. But it really isn’t all bad. In fact I would say that the vast majority of my outdoor time is spent within a mile of my house.

Just 300 metres from my front door is the biggest outdoor sports facility in Northamptonshire. Covering 118 acres, The Racecourse is easily my most visited outdoor spot. It boasts tennis courts, basketball courts, several play areas and it hosts the parkrun every Saturday. We take Finn here on his trike all the time. It’s not the most beautiful place, but parts of it really are quite scenic. Also, as it’s so big, even when there are lots of people around, you can always find a quiet spot.


There is plenty of space for walkers and runners


The paths are also used by cyclists (and little boys on trikes!)

Then just a mile from my house is one of my favourite places to while away a few hours. Abington Park draws visitors from far and wide due to its’ museum,  historic church, cafe, bandstand and scenery. I’ve posted about it before, particularly in Autumn when the trees look stunning.

An 18th century brick tower standing in the middle of parkland

The Water Tower and Pigeonry, one of few structures left from the old village, dates from the 18th Century

An old fashioned bandstand in the middle of a park

The bandstand plays host to music acts every Sunday throughout the summer

The sun sets over an ornamental lake in a park

The boating lake looks particularly stunning at sunset

What can you find a mile from your front door?



  • bellamonte bellamonte April 29, at 16:19

    I love your idea and your post and I will start walking this morning! It’s just a mile 😉

  • fifi + hop fifi + hop April 29, at 18:29

    I love this and totally agree – there is so much to explore in one’s back yard.

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker April 29, at 20:46

      Thanks, and definitely. It’s so easy to overlook what it right under our noses 🙂

  • debsrandomwritings debsrandomwritings May 02, at 12:37

    We are so lucky that we live at the bottom of mini mountains where there are miles of tracks to walk and explore with stunning views of the island. We often take the dogs up there and never get bored of the views.


    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker May 02, at 12:51

      Wow, just had a peek at your instagram-you really are lucky! I’ve never been to Zakynthos but it looks amazing. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  • lovinglifeinwelliesblog lovinglifeinwelliesblog May 19, at 15:56

    Lovely post ! We’ve a bandstand in our local park that looks just like this and has some amazing skies first thing in the morning, like this, it looks so dramatic. I’m lucky enough to live in rural area and even more so as I’m just relocating to North Wales and I’m really looking forward to explore! I’ve just signed up to do that 30 Days Wild with the National WildLife Trust, are you doing it? The ideas pack is really colourful.

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker May 19, at 16:23

      North Wales will be awesome! looking forward to seeing what you get up to when you move. I am doing 30 Days Wild. Not sure I’ll manage everyday but going to give it a go! It’s just what I need to give myself a bit of inspiration.

      • lovinglifeinwelliesblog lovinglifeinwelliesblog May 19, at 17:15

        Oh great! I’ll keep a look out for your posts then. It starts the same time as I move so it’s going to be a challenge but like you say, inspiration!


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