Nene Way Challenge Part 1: Badby to Little Everdon

Nene Way Challenge Part 1: Badby to Little Everdon

So after setting myself a little challenge to walk as much of the 110 mile Nene Way as possible over the coming months,  I finally completed the first leg. It was a modest start, I managed 3 miles starting in the village of Badby and finishing in Little Everdon, you can see my route here. It wasn’t the longest walk I’ve ever done, it wasn’t Ben Nevis, but I am very proud of myself. It was the first time I’ve ever been walking on my own and the first time I’ve carried Finn the whole way. It was also the first time I’ve taken all my own photos (I have been better recently at doing it myself, but it’s nice to have the luxury of Luke’s fantastic photos to fall back on).

I started in Court Yard Lane, opposite The Maltsters pub (NN11 3AF) and headed towards the footpath to Newnham. Badby is a great place to walk, the woods are beautiful and there’s a lovely stroll to Fawsley which we did early last year. It felt so good to be out walking, I’m sure the brilliant sunshine helped my mood!


The first stretch of the Nene Way from Badby to Newnham

Finn seemed to share my good mood and he giggled and babbled away happily to himself as we headed on. We walked across fields, roughly following the route of the River Nene,  heading towards the main road into Newnham. I generally try to avoid roads when planning a walking route, but it wasn’t busy and, as I was carrying extra weight,  it was good to have some solid ground underfoot. Newnham is a nice little village, there is a pub and shop on the green if you are in need of refreshment. I also passed a house, New Inn, which had a plaque proudly proclaiming that AA Scott had stayed there during the 1908 Newnham Hill Climb. Being relatively local, I had heard of the climb (where cars and motorbikes were tested on the fearsome incline of Newnham Hill in the early 20th Century), but I had no idea who AA Scott was. Anyway, it turns out he was a famous motorcycle manufacturer whose bike took the 1908 hill climb by storm winning three gold medals. Every day is indeed a school day!

I headed out of the village, passing The Nuttery, one of the few hazelnut orchards in Northamptonshire. The next stretch was my favourite of the day. The countryside from Newnham to Little Everdon was stunning. We had to navigate a few hazards; stiles and kissing gates are not easy with a 9kg baby on your back! But the views and the peacefulness made it all worthwhile.

newnham collage

I didn’t see anyone else during my walk, which made it all the more enjoyable

It was a warm day and by now I was finding it a little tiring; luckily the baby was still happy and it was great having some time to myself and my own thoughts.

I carried on and soon reached the parkland of Everdon Hall, nestled in the picture perfect hamlet of Little Everdon.


Bottom left you can just make out Everdon Hall poking out from the trees. On the right, the signpost marked the end point of the first leg

I sat down and enjoyed a well earned break. It was harder than I imagined carrying a passenger for so long, as well as all of our gear, but I managed and I’m looking forward to completing more of my challenge.

Date of walk: 24th September

Miles completed: 3



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