A Canalside Caper

A Canalside Caper

I’ve always felt an affinity for canals and been fascinated by them. This might be because the Grand Union Canal runs close by the village where I grew up and so I spent a lot of time walking along towpaths as a child. My school also seemed to visit the Canal Museum quite often (although at the time I was only interested in the horses that used to pull the boats). Also, I’ve recently found out that some of my ancestors were boat people. Anyway, whatever the reason, I really do enjoy walking beside the canal in Northamptonshire. There’s always plenty to look at, from gorgeous countryside views to quaintly named boats; plus there’s often a pub or two and it’s hard to get lost. The perfect ingredients for a walk!
We decided to make the most of the late summer sun and head out to Gayton Junction (where the Northampton Arm meets the Grand Union) for a wander.


Now Baby is a bit bigger he looks so much more comfortable in the carrier. He really enjoys our outings.


The Grand Union Canal runs from London to Birmingham, we didn’t walk all of it!


The Tollkeeper’s Cottage at Gayton Junction


The narrow boats looked resplendent in the sunshine


The ‘turnover bridge’ has a separate path where the horses could change sides without having to untie the tow rope


There is beautiful, unspoilt countryside both sides of the canal

I really enjoyed this short walk, next time I will plan a to go a bit further as there are so many lovely villages dotted nearby.

I would love to hear any recommendations for waterway walks across the country.



  • mytravelmonkey mytravelmonkey September 18, at 11:18

    I agree, canal walks are so lovely. We do one near my father-in-laws in Manchester and I love watching the boats. What a gorgeous day you had and I’m glad you didn’t do the whole of it… I would have been flabbergasted. I know you like walking 🙂 #MondayEscapes


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