What would you do if your winning lottery numbers came up?

What would you do if your winning lottery numbers came up?

It’s a sad fact of life that there’s never enough time nor money to do everything that I want to do. I spend hours dreaming of where I want to go and the things I want to see. Unfortunately, until my winning lottery numbers come up, I’m going to have to make do with daydreams.

Hitting the Jackpot

I’m not a materialistic person, I can’t imagine spending millions on clothes or make up, but if I did hit the jackpot I’d love to splash out on experiences and make some amazing memories with my family.

Experiences definitely mean more to me than ‘things’

UK Tour

So where would I go first? After handing my notice in (who hasn’t dreamed of doing that?!) I’d love to do a tour of the UK, maybe with a campervan, maybe with a bit of camping and a few luxury hotels thrown in. There’s so many places that I haven’t been yet: Cornwall, North Wales and Northumberland to name a just a few on my list. I also want to spend more time in Scotland as I loved it so much. The views are stunning and I would love to do more hiking and bag a few Munros.

Scotland has some incredible landscapes, I’d love to go back and explore further

It’s also criminal how little time I’ve spent in Wales. As an outdoor enthusiast, this is something I really need to remedy! It’s not even that far away so I have no excuses. I loved the Brecons, but would love to explore Snowdonia and the coastline.


After travelling around the UK, if my winning lottery numbers came up I’d love to head further afield. We had such a great time in Poland, so I’d love to go back and explore more of Eastern Europe. I reckon our (imaginary) money could stretch quite far there. There are some fantastic places just waiting to be explored, many are away from the crowds. This appeals to me above desert islands and luxury yachts. I’d also like to get wrapped up in chunky knits and spend some time in the Nordic countries. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I think that Norway is my number one, or maybe Iceland or maybe Sweden. I can’t decide, I’ll just have to visit them all!

I’m not into 4 star holidays, views like this are much more my thing!

Further Afield

Top of my world travel list is definitely New Zealand. I’ve never been, but Luke lived there for a while and still talks about it! It really is an outdoor bloggers’s (and wine enthusiast’s) dream location. We also spend a lot of time watching Canadian youtubers out wild camping and building cabins (our evenings are wild!) so that’s another place I’d like to tick off, might just have to read up on bears first. Finally, as I’m such a fan of autumn, I’d love to see the colours in New England. America has some of the most amazing landscapes, and I feel like I have to go there at least once in my life.  The world is just so vast, it’s overwhelming!

So what are the chances of my winning lottery numbers coming up and making all my dreams come true? Well, I’m not banking on it, but I have found a way of giving myself a chance. With Lottoland you can play lotteries from around the world, such as the American Powerball that generated the biggest jackpot prize of all time last year!  With Lottoland you don’t buy a ticket in the official draw, but bet online on which numbers will come up. While Lottoland is not in anyway connected to the lottery operators, the prizes are the same as the official draws.

So where would you head first if your winning lottery numbers came up? Are you a collector of things or experiences?

This post is written in collaboration with Lottoland.



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