Three True Travel Horror Stories To Remind You Why You Need Insurance

Three True Travel Horror Stories To Remind You Why You Need Insurance

No one wants to think about something bad happening to them while on vacation, but in reality, it happens to millions of travellers each year. In fact, 1 out of 30 trips ends in a medical emergency. If you need medical attention in a foreign country, the bills can pile up quickly — costing tens of thousands of dollars or more. 

The only way to make sure you don’t become one of the statistics is to buy proper travel protection before you head out on vacation. Read these three true travel horror stories to remind you why you need protection.

1. Emergency at Sea

Imagine you’re on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean when something goes terribly wrong. That’s exactly what happened to 12-year-old Peyton Johnson: he had appendicitis and needed emergency surgery in Mexico. According to Peyton’s mother, Christie Johnson, doctors demanded several thousand dollars to operate, refusing to put Peyton under the knife until she forked over the funds.

Having no credit cards and not enough cash to cover the costs of surgery, Johnson feared her son would die before he got the help he needed. Finally, the cruise line and Johnson’s aunt came to Peyton’s rescue, but the bills continued to pile up even after the operation.

2. Hot Spring Heart Attack

What started off as a relaxing dip in a Nevada hot spring quickly turned into a romantic romp for British lovebirds Peter Cousins and Dawn Reed. Only moments after making love, Cousins said his left arm began to hurt — a classic heart attack symptom. The world travellers were miles from civilisation and mobile phone reception so Reed ran 3 miles to the highway and flagged down help. 

Due to the remote location, an airlift had to transport Cousins to the nearest hospital, where he had emergency surgery. When he woke up, he received a bill for $250,000. Since he didn’t have travel insurance, Cousins learned he’d have to pay the bill himself or try to negotiate a deal with the hospital. 

3. Rental Write-Off

Travel agent Kristin Webb-Walker always advised her clients to buy travel protection. Unfortunately, she forgot to buy her own for a Mexican cruise vacation with her family. Knowing the risks, she still decided to rent a scooter from a local company and take her son on a fun-filled ride around Cozumel. Shortly after starting their journey, Webb-Walker lost control of her scooter. When she woke up in a Mexican hospital, she was suffering from amnesia, a broken leg, and a severely damaged lip. 

After learning their mother would not get the treatment she needed until the hospital got a down payment, Webb-Walker’s teenage sons decided to take action. They made the long trek to Costa Maya to catch up with their cruise ship, which had departed without them the day before. The cruise line agreed to loan the family $15,000 to cover the immediate hospital expenses, but the treatment Webb-Walker received was too little, too late. The amateur trumpet player’s lip was so badly damaged that she will never play again, and she continues to have trouble walking. Not to mention, the costs of flying Webb-Walker home and ongoing care for her injuries continue to add up.

Think travel protection is an expense you can live without? Think again. These three true travel horror stories serve to remind you why you need insurance.

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