Tent Review: Hi Gear Rock 4

Tent Review: Hi Gear Rock 4

Sorry for my lack of posts lately, but it’s been a busy summer! It was while camping in France recently that I remembered that I hadn’t written a review of our tent yet, so here’s a few thoughts.

Although there’s just the two of us we still wanted a tent with plenty of space and with room to sit inside if it rains.  However, we also wanted something that would be very easy to put up. After extensive research we stumbled upon the Hi Gear Rock 4 from Go Outdoors. It seemed to meet all of our needs, and was very reasonably priced at £99 (maybe too reasonable?) but we stuck with our choice and have no regrets.

                                  View of our tent with canopy at the front

For our walking weekends in the Lakes and the Cotswolds it was perfect. Despite its size it is very easy to put up. The built in groundsheet and separate bedroom compartment make it very straightforward to use.  The only issue we’ve found is that if you make the guy lines too tight it is difficult to zip up the bedroom compartment inside.

Inside there is a spacious living area with a front and side entrance and a separate sleeping room that can be used as one large bedroom or two smaller ones. We also bought some poles to make a canopy at the front for extra space, especially useful if it rains.

It was while camping at my parent’s house in France that it really proved its’ worth. On our first night we were woken by a ferocious thunderstorm and heavy downpour. We’d been lucky on previous trips and so this was the worst weather we’d faced in our trusty tent. I’m happy to report that it passed the test with flying colours (although we still chickened out and ran to the house to hide from the lightning).



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