How Do Busy People Keep Fit?

How Do Busy People Keep Fit?

One thing that has become glaringly obvious over the summer is that I am very very unfit. I managed a couple of parkruns last year, but since I returned to work in January, life has become a matter of survival. I eat on the run, I sleep when I can and I have no spare time at all.

We’ve managed very few walks this year, and the ones we have done have been short and flat. I’m feeling like a bit of a fraud at the moment. I can’t really call myself The Helpful Hiker, I can’t really call myself any sort of hiker.

Family friendly walks

Our walks this year have been mainly family friendly. Photo courtesy of Viewranger

I really want to change that, now Finn can walk a little way there is definitely scope to start hitting the hills again. So, just how do you build up your fitness when you work 5o hours a week, have a toddler to look after, a house and blog to run and a family business to help out with?

Well, I plan to start doing a little bit of running again, as much for my mental health as anything else. Nothing drastic, just a few minutes here and there. I will cover this in a future post.

And then I came across an online gym. Well, I should say that an online gym came across me. I was offered a 6 month free membership by onlinegym4me  (no strings attached) and I gladly accepted.

I was sceptical, and I will say that I haven’t stuck to my original plan of doing 3 workouts a week. I can usually manage two, which although not ideal, is better than nothing! The thing I love about this online gym is that many of the workouts are just 15 minutes long. That is just perfect for busy people! I can squeeze in a quick class while Finn has his breakfast or lunch. You don’t need any special equipment, just a screen and space enough to move. I tend to do toning type classes, so don’t need much room. I used to be a member of a local gym and I always felt a bit self conscious when there. I love going for it in my living room and not having to worry about other people! I have really missed exercising regularly and it’s been great getting back into it.


There are variety of classes available, which you can either join live or watch the recordings later.

When signing up you state your main exercise goal and classes will be suggested accordingly. It’s also really easy to search for others if you fancy trying something different.

I’m nowhere near the level I used to be (I used to run regularly-even managing a half marathon) but I feel better for doing a little bit more. Hopefully this will pay off and I will be able to throw myself into hiking again.

Have you ever tried an online gym? Does it appeal to you?




  • solohikerblog solohikerblog September 29, at 08:28

    Gosh some folks are smart! Why didn’t I think of that!

    I have toddlers too and I just arranged a half day at work so I could take the afternoon off to hike. The kids were already looked after by the usual midweek carers so it was a nice chance to head out on my own. It was fantastic! I’ll post about it soon but I recommend trying this is your employer can accomodate it.

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker September 29, at 08:46

      I wish I could do that, it would be perfect! Think I need to find a new job. Enjoy your hike 🙂

  • 8duffels2mutts 8duffels2mutts September 29, at 14:56

    I think that being fit is more than squeezing a few minutes into your day to workout. My husband is a bit of a fitness guru, and I am mostly just trying to keep up!! Ha! But, he always tell us that being fit is a lifestyle, not a fad or a gym membership. They kind of tie up into each other, the fitter you are..they easier it is to do things that fit people do. Yet, doing active stuff and eating right, also help you stay fit at the same time. Fitness is really more of an overall lifestyle rather than just getting a workout in everyday.

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker October 09, at 10:56

      You’re so right, it really is important to take a more holistic approach. Unfortunately I think I’ve let things slide a bit too much, now got a long, slow battle to get back!

  • thenotdeadyetblog thenotdeadyetblog October 07, at 15:47

    I think I’m lucky, in that my job gives us three hours a week to exercise on the clock. I really wouldn’t have the time otherwise!

    • TheHelpfulHiker TheHelpfulHiker October 09, at 10:57

      Oh wow, I wish I had that, How cool! Bet it helps with productivity as well, if only all employers were so enlightened!


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