Best Outdoor Hashtags

Best Outdoor Hashtags

I’ve learnt a lot from my few years in the blogging world and so thought I’d jot a few things down in case it can help someone else. I spend a lot of time finding ways of promoting my posts and trying to find the best outdoor hashtags to use across social media. It seems that most other categories of bloggers-lifestyle, travel, parenting, food, beauty etc-are all very sociable with billions of hashtags to choose from. However, I always struggle finding specific outdoor hashtags. I have been hanging out with the parenting crowd recently and hijacking some of their hashtags, however I consider myself an outdoor blogger first and foremost so thought I would collate a few that I use, or that are relevant to outdoorsy types. There is quite a bit of overlap with travel and lifestyle bloggers.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so please tell me what I’ve missed out.


Of course this list is in addition to classic hashtags such as #camping #walking #hiking (I tend to use this last one quite a bit as it’s one less character than walking and also popular in USA).

I have to mention #OutdoorBloggers, the brainchild of @Splodz and @MissJTulip who have set up the brillant Outdoors Bloggers Directory.

I also use #GetOutside (Ordnance Survey campaign, useful for any active or outdoor posts), especially as I am now a GetOutside champion for 2017!

There are hashtags for specific days of the week, relevant ones include:

  • #MountainMonday 
  • #TravelTuesday 
  • #UKGeocachingHour (Tues 8-9pm)
  • #WalkWednesday
  • #WaterfallWednesday
  • #UKHolidayHour (Thurs 8.30-9.30pm)

There are some general blogging hashtags that are great for discovering new blogs and sharing your posts:

  • #SundayBlogShare 
  • #MondayBlogs


I love instagram and can spend hours flicking through beautiful photos. I do, however, find the amount of hashtags a bit overwhelming.
Here I’ve picked out any that are outdoor relevant from the 100 most popular hashtags

  • #photooftheday
  • #picoftheday
  • #nature
  • #sun
  • #sky
  • #[relevant season]
  • #instago
  • #clouds

Instagram is a great way to share images, but knowing which hashtags to use can be a minefield!

Other useful outdoor hashtags include:

  • #keepitwild  
  • #simplyadventure
  • #wildernessculture
  • #lifeofadventure
  • #liveoutdoors  
  • #beautifuldestinations
  • #roamtheplanet
  • #discoverearth
  • #wherewillwegonext  
  • #makemoments
  • #exploremore
  • #stayandwander  
  • #goexplore
  • #destinationearth
  • #familytravel
  • #exploringtheworld
  • #welltravelled
  • #lovelifeoutside
  • #womenforwildlands
  • #staywild
  • #wildkids

There are also some great instagram communities that will feature other people’s posts on a daily or weekly basis. These are predominantly child/family focussed, but here are my favourites

  • #pottyadventures
  • #curiouslittleexplorers
  • #whatevertheweatherkids
  • #explorerkids
  • #childhoodunplugged
  • #LiveAuthentic
  • #LiveFolk
  • #KeepItWild

You can always keep a list of hashtags saved in your phone so you don’t have to type them all out each time you post.

I’m always updating so let me know what I’ve missed!



  • Clare Clare May 27, at 20:40

    Thank you for the top tips, I’m a newbie blogger so finding my feet, I had no idea what a strange new world I was entering and how much there is to learn!

  • Julie Julie November 14, at 02:32


  • See Outside See Outside December 22, at 10:12

    Really helpful post!

  • Nyomi Nyomi January 21, at 08:35

    Very helpful! Thanks

  • Stephanie Stephanie January 21, at 17:21

    Super helpful post, I have written down loads

  • Sarah - Craft Invaders Sarah - Craft Invaders January 24, at 20:39

    Fab post Lauren, I’m stealing your list if that’s ok? A regular one I use which I don’t see is #staywild which the wild life trusts use when #30DaysWild isn’t running and I also use #wildkids xxx

  • Helena Helena June 15, at 16:41

    I’m so pleased I’ve stumbled across this post. Will have to try them out. Thank you.


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